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Brandon Norgaard

Hello, I’m Brandon Norgaard, creator of this site and founder of the Enlightened Worldview project. Here is some basic information about my background: I grew up in Placerville, California, which is between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. I was always interested in understanding how things work and learning about philosophy, religion, history, politics, science, and technology. I had a somewhat strict Catholic upbringing with regular mass attendance, prayer, and the like. In my early adolescence, I had a positive conception of religion as a way for people to be happy and humble and to be able to create a better, more peaceful society. I had been taught to look upon modern science with suspicion, as though scientists were coming up with their theories simply to eliminate the need for religious faith.

Over time I began to realize that many things I had been taught did not stand up to the evidence. When I was in high school, I first came up with the idea to write a philosophy book that would explain what parts of my religion and other religions make sense and which do not. I continued this pursuit for several years. When I was in college and took some philosophy courses, I began to really understand the details of how I would write this book. I graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in computer science and after this I began working as a software developer. I continued to study philosophy and social science in my spare time and over the years, I continued to refine my ideas.

From 2007 to the present, I have been working long hours to complete the manuscripts that are a part of the Enlightened Worldview project, including a version for general audiences and for academic audiences. I am also interested in other issues such a politics and culture and I might someday write another book on these subjects.

I am also the founder and lead organizer of the Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group and I am also a member of several other Meetup groups.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at brandon@enlightenedworldview.com

The Enlightened Worldview Project

Using modern phenomenology

to make sense of consciousness,

to establish a solid foundation for morality,

to answer the question of ultimate explanation,

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