Is faith virtuous, or is it harmful?

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Is faith virtuous, or is it harmful?

Postby Brandon Norgaard on Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:12 pm

The word "faith" is often spoken of as a virtue. The different understandings of this word are described on this site. In this context, we are speaking of blind faith. Is blind faith virtuous? Is it harmful? Is it necessary? Is it outdated?
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Re: Is faith virtuous, or is it harmful?

Postby technicolor on Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:16 pm

Blind Faith was a great rock and roll band of the sixties. That is about the only "blind faith" that I believe in. Faith in God must be coupled with certain works in order to arrive at a knowledgeable faith. "Faith without works is dead; being alone". Works must precede the miracle, which is Faith. If one is to have a meaningful experience in spirituality, one must seek that experience with honest and real intent. It is OK to be skeptical, but only in your search for truth. If I were to describe the wind to you, would I be very convincing if you had never felt or seen the affects of it yourself? Now, I have had experiences as a result of works, coupled with faith that convinces me that there is a God in the Heavens. I don't feel like I need to prove this to anyone (nor could I), nevertheless it is true to me. This kind of faith is virtuous because if you believe in classic "virtue"(which I do) then you believe in the righteous intent of one who believes that he discovers truth, he doesn't create it. This is humility. This is Virtue. Harmful faith is born out of blind followings, untested and without knowledge or understanding. "He whom ye ignorantly serve, declare I unto you".
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