How can we address the philosophical crisis
of our global society?

Our civilization is at a crossroads. One path leads to further division, culture wars, and hostility towards science. It is anti-intellectual and anti-creative. This path could take many of the nations of the world further down the road towards autocracy and nationalism. Weaponized news, deliberately false information and partisan talking points only intensifies and gives fuel to societal fires and leads to a general sense of dissatisfaction in the lack of creative and critical thought in the political sphere.

Regardless of how one identifies in such matters, it is safe to say that ideological tribalism and identity politics are sweeping the globe like a virus. What we are witnessing today is a wide-scale and deeply felt clash of worldviews. On one side you have those who are more traditional, religious or spiritual. The other group, based in secularism, might charge that religious or political ideology is the cause for all of our societal ills. Out of frustration, those who identify in this way might either disappear completely from any sort of public life – choosing apathy over participation or, conversely, might engage in the same sort of political theater and tribalism as the people that they oppose.

That is one path. And, if we stay on it, belief systems will solidify even further and guarantee further division. The purpose of the Enlightened Worldview Project is to find a more rational and more enlightened path.

The Main Problems We Intend to Address

Knowledge and Communication. Unfortunately, people who have vastly different worldviews are often unable to understand each other. They appear unable to productively communicate across this chasm of thought and belief. Such disparate groups also have seemingly incompatible ethical and moral frameworks and contrasting political ideologies. The result is an increasingly dangerous and unbearable tension in society.

Clearly, we need some answers. And that is where our work begins.

First, we’ll start with understanding something we agree on — that we all have fundamental beliefs about reality and about ourselves. The Enlightened Worldview Project will investigate the basic building blocks of fundamental beliefs and how they are constructed into worldviews.

Second, we will seek to find a middle ground between people who have different worldviews and different ideologies. We will work towards innovations in communication and understanding that will allow people to better relate to each other.

Lastly, we will look to phenomenology as a potential guide to creating such a middle ground. Modern phenomenology is a science of first-person conscious experience, and is used in conjunction with contemporary physical and social sciences. It is a tool of knowledge and understanding that is used to build a common language among peoples and communities with significantly different worldviews. Using this method, even the most scientifically minded people might be able to learn something from religious and spiritually minded people, and vice versa. The most reasonable and evidence-based features of the various worldviews can then be brought together to construct a more enlightened worldview. We hope that such a construct will serve as a bridge between people and lead to more social understanding and political harmony.

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