Our Objectives

  • Work toward peace in our society through reason, understanding, and empathy
  • an integrative approach to addressing our greatest society-wide challenges by starting at the community level
  • Understanding the fundamentals of today’s major worldviews so that people might see commonalities in basic values
  • Provide an integrative approach to addressing our greatest society-wide challenges by starting at the community level
  • Work to build bridges between communities and peoples with different ideologies and worldviews
  • Improve ways to frame our conversations, leading to better methods of public discourse
  • Inspire people to improve their lives, their community, their nation and the world
  • Establish a network of community leaders, sensemakers and wellbeing practitioners
  • Bring together members / subscribers to various Integral, Metamodern and Bildung groups for community building
  • Partner with local organizations towards these goals
  • Encourage lifelong learning for citizens in such areas as scientific literacy, civic engagement, journalism, inner awareness, mindfulness, communication, sensemaking and meaning making
  • Teach people to acknowledge cultural, ethnic, gender, class, racial and other differences in background towards more effective communication and understanding.
  • Create a series of courses that help people understand the metacrisis and what they can do about it
Inner Awareness
  • Promote inner peace through awareness, mindfulness, and enacted well-being
New Frameworks
  • Create new methods and frameworks that help humanity to break free of tribal, nationalistic and partisan instincts
  • Develop a new model that connects inner awareness and societal understanding towards peaceful coexistence between otherwise disparate groups
Peaceful Coexistence
  • Identify shared core values between people who identify differently
Products and Services
  • Create a manual to train sensemakers and community guides
  • Curate and distribute training videos on how to develop deep sensemaking and how to understand inner and outer worlds and their important relationship therein
  • Curate and distribute series explaining methods, discoveries, new frameworks of sensemaking, inner awareness and societal understanding
  • Publish original writing on various methods towards empathy and reason
  • Develop a software app that helps coordinate local in-person events and connects virtually-based service providers and content creators to local organizations and community leaders.
Leadership Training

In order to create a more stable, prosperous, happy, equitable, and free society, we will need competent, compassionate, and just leadership in all areas of public life. Towards this goal, TEWP will endeavor to train

  • Event Organizers – to plan, host, and steward events
  • Wisdom Guides – to disseminate wisdom and promote better sensemaking
  • Secular Pastors – to help people find meaning and promote peaceful coexistence
  • Evolutionary Leaders – to help foster evolutionary inner development among community members.
Promote Cosmolocalism

Cosmolocalism means Cosmopolitan Localism, i.e. a way to link local and global communities

  • Establish a connection between local and global practitioners in the emerging Liminal Web
  • Using Web3-based technology tools, Link such local and virtual communities together virtually, i.e. bridging in person meetings with app-based social networks
  • Create a directory of practitioners and organizations categorized by city, name, types of activities, areas of specialization, etc.
  • Organize areas of specialization by the Integral AQAL model so that people can find the specialists that they need, whether they be available locally or through some virtual connection.
  • Find root causes of misunderstanding and miscommunication
  • Explore historical information in order that we understand ourselves and how we came to develop disparate worldviews
Understanding / Sensemaking
  • Understand people’s thoughts and feelings at a deeper level
  • Sort out fact from fiction amidst a constant bombardment of information
How can I become involved in the project? 

If you have any questions or comments or ideas or would like to contribute in any ways, please email us info@enlightenedworldview.com.