Our Objectives

The Enlightened Worldview Project is a multimedia public engagement whose purpose is to promote greater peace, well-being, and sustainability in our global society through improvements in public sensemaking, societal understanding, and inner awareness.

Here are our main objectives:
  • We want to encourage more in-person events and we want people to interact more in real life.  We are on our electronic devices and screens too much and we use apps and social media a lot and we would benefit individually and as a society from more human contact.  We emphasize the importance of having regular in-person events in various cities and towns throughout the landscape and also the need for event organizers and facilitators who are capable of holding space within these events so as to promote greater depth of connection.
  • We want to work to address systemic issues that impact our lives and our society, including the preservation and protection of our natural environment, maintenance of socio-cultural cohesion, and reform of political and economic systems to facilitate transition to more sustainable, just, and equitable living.
  • We seek to convey complex ideas to people in a way that is understandable, engaging, and inspiring.  We primarily seek to engage with adult citizens in work we do directly, and we are open to partnerships with organizations that work with children and adolescents as well.  Being mindful of the sophistication spectrum, we aim to include people of all ages and all walks of life in this vision as we work toward a better future for all.
  • We seek to find practical applications for complex ideas in ways that improve people’s well-being and strengthen communities.
  • We are based on the ideas of Integral Theory, Political Metamodernism, and Game B. We are aligned with the global communities associated with these philosophies, and we seek to implement these ideas at the local level through social innovation and experimentation.
  • We seek to automate some of these processes through collaborative technology development.  Ideally, we would have tech tools that help facilitate and scale up networks of in-person events in multiple cities.
Would you like to become involved in the project? 

If you have any questions or comments or ideas or would like to contribute in any ways, please email us info@enlightenedworldview.com.