We are building an organization that will help people:

  • Improve self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Release inner tension and improve enacted well-being
  • Express thoughts and feelings better
  • Understand other people’s thoughts and feelings at a deeper level
  • Sort out fact from fiction amidst the constant bombardment of information
  • Identify shared core values, even among people who come from different walks of life
  • Reduce conflict in the world and develop greater inner peace and overall societal peace
This is Peacemaking through Sensemaking

This becomes possible through the development and coordination of networks of local in-person community events of various types, sizes, and settings that would be structured to strengthen communities and to improve people’s lives in various ways.  Every community should have capable leaders who are familiar with the practices listed above and also robust organizations to put all of this into practice.  We are seeking to establish a network of community leaders and organizations to coordinate regular in-person meetings that would be engaging and inspiring for community members.  These meetings would promote improved sensemaking, civic engagement, communication skills, and impart a sense of meaning and purpose to people. Learn more

To get involved, email us info@enlightenedworldview.com