Our Team

Brandon Nørgaard

Founder and Project Director

Brandon has always possessed an interest in understanding how things work and appreciated learning about philosophy, religion, history, politics, science, and technology.  Throughout his life, Brandon wanted to better understand why there is so much conflict and injustice in our world and what, if anything, people can do to work toward greater peace.  For several years, Brandon worked as a software developer while continuing his study of philosophy and social sciences in his spare time.  Brandon founded The Enlightened Worldview Project in 2019 with some of the other members of these Meetup groups.  More info can be found on Brandon’s personal page.  You can contact Brandon at brandon@enlightenedworldview.com

Marty Behrens

Director of Community Development

Lee Chazen

Content Development and Conceptual Analysis

Lee runs a consulting group called GliderCell, which produces creative concepts and strategies across disciplines.  He did some early work in creating an educational model that incorporated concepts from chaos theory.  Many of the ideas stemming from this research can be applied broadly to organizations or to socio-political challenges. Lee is also the founder of Ideas In Motion, organized through Meetup. You can contact lee at lee@glidercell.com