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Does Hell Exist?

Evangelical Christian teaching traditionally holds that one must believe that Jesus Christ is their personal lord and savior in order to achieve salvation and if one does not do this that they will be sent to hell upon their death, where they will suffe… more »


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The Christian Reformation: Some Pros and Cons

I suppose you are all at least somewhat familiar with some of the most significant events in the history of Christianity. This religion became quite popular from the Second through the Forth Centuries AD, and over the course of these centuries Christia… more »


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Should we devote our lives to God?

One aspect of one's worldview is their beliefs regarding the meaning of life. This is perhaps the most perplexing of all questions that one can ponder. We are all born into this world with no knowledge and we slowly gain knowledge throughout our child… more »


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Is Religion Good for Children?

I was brought up in a Catholic household. From an early age I went to mass every week and learned the rituals and prayers and traditions of the church. I learned many Bible stories including the creation story, several stories about Jesus, and stories a… more »


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Freethinking Awakenings, Part 5: Are Jews (or anyone else) the Chosen People of God?

The Bible is probably the most influential book in history. I wrote a few weeks ago about how far too many people assume that the Bible is the word of God. It really isn't. There are a lot of things said in the Bible that are far too commonly believed t… more »