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Who wrote the Torah?

Many people believe that the Bible is the word of God. The first five books are known to Jews as the Torah, and they are the most important books to Judaism. These books include Genesis, which begins by telling stories of how God created life on Earth… more »


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Pre-Jewish Ancient Semitic Religion

Living in today's world, we can easily become familiar with some of the religious beliefs and customs other people practice, but it is more difficult to understand the origins of these beliefs and customs, especially tracing these back to ancient times.… more »


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The Egyptian Origins of Monotheistic Religious Belief

This post is the first in a new category on the history of religion. This subject is important because so many people have religious beliefs without understanding how these beliefs originated long ago. People of faith tend to think of their scriptures… more »


Why I am not a Catholic nor Protestant Christian, Part 11: The Original Church

It is a common myth among Christians of various denominations that their version of Christianity is the original. I was raised in the Roman Catholic church and it was often repeated that this church was the original church, that it was founded by Jesus… more »


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Freethinking Awakenings, Part 2: How did Christianity become Popular?

Today I continue the Freethinking Awakenings series with a look at different theories for how Christianity became popular and stays popular today. As I mentioned last week, Freethinking awakenings is a series of blog postings that describe the events an… more »