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Changing to a Weekly Blog


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Changing to a Weekly Blog

A little over a month ago, I started writing blog posts again after over a year on hiatus. Of course, during this hiatus I was hard at work doing research. My posts over the last month have included some of my new research and I will be slowly explaining the rest of it over the following months. At first when I started blogging again, I wanted to make up for the fact that I hadn't done it at all over the course of the prior year so I posted twice a week for the past four weeks or so. During my first stint of blogging, I was posting only once a week.

Going forward, I think I only have time to write one blog posting a week. This will probably come on Wednesdays or Thursdays every week. I still have lots of plans for postings that will cover a wide range of topics. The reason for me posting slightly less frequently is because I am starting a full time job tomorrow. Since early 2011 to the present, I have been working full time on researching and writing. I didn't have much money coming in so I slowly depleted my bank account. I believe it was very worthwhile because I learned so much and I think the work I was able to complete is quite amazing. But I need to go back and earn money so I won't have as much time to write blog postings.

Keep checking this blog weekly. I've got some very interesting stuff coming.


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