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Freethinking Awakenings, Part 5: Are Jews (or anyone else) the Chosen People of God?


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Freethinking Awakenings, Part 5: Are Jews (or anyone else) the Chosen People of God?

The Bible is probably the most influential book in history. I wrote a few weeks ago about how far too many people assume that the Bible is the word of God. It really isn't. There are a lot of things said in the Bible that are far too commonly believed this day and age. Especially the things that the Bible says many, many times over and over throughout many of its constituent books. Take for instance the assumption that Jews are the chosen people of God. Most books of the Old Testament either directly state that Jews are the chosen people or this is assumed somehow in God's preferential treatment.

(I should mention briefly that the “Jews” were originally one of the twelve tribes of Israel, all tribes of which were the chosen people of God. Ten of the tribes were lost, probably assimilated into the Assyrian culture, and the two remaining tribe merged to form the Jewish tribe so this is why we currently call them “Jews” rather than the term “Israelites”, which is used often in the Bible.)

I've already provided arguments for why the Bible is not a reliable source. Aside from that, it simply does not make sense to think of God as favoring any people over another. The best conclusion that one can come to is that God created all people equal and there is no reason to think that God would favor one group, tribe, ethnicity, or race over any other. All are equal in God's eyes (I don't think of God as actually having eyes, so this should be interpreted as symbolic).

The assumption that Jews are the chosen people of God among many people, Jews and non-Jews alike, has led to horrible consequences in the modern world. Many Christians believe that Jews are the chosen people but that they rejected Jesus (despite the fact that nobody who knew Jesus has been alive for nearly 2000 years). The fact that the Jews rejected Jesus means different things to different Christians. Some believe they will go to hell, others believe that they will one day be forced to convert to Christianity.

Regardless of what they believe the ultimate fate of the Jews will be, modern Christians by and large believe that Jews still have some special privilege in God's eyes and are deserving of special respect. This has led many influential Christians to blindly support the modern state of Israel no matter what evils the Israeli government and military are responsible for. The belief is that God still favors the Jews and favors the re-establishment of Israel as a necessary prerequisite for end-times. The belief among these Christians may well be that God intends to force the Jews to be Christians one day or to send them to hell or whatever, but for some reason they believe that God favors them today and that their modern country needs protection at all costs. These are weird beliefs that have led people to support the atrocities that the Israeli military has caused.

The belief that makes the most sense is that God favors all people equally and does not favor any one government or military. God certainly does not favor people killing others in thinking that they are doing God's holy work or getting God's favor.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are Jews God's chosen people? Let your voice be heard in the forum.
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