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Special Advance Copies of My Manuscript Available


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Special Advance Copies of My Manuscript Available

I wanted to let you guys know that special advance copies of my manuscript are available to people who want to be a part of this project. What I can offer is a 250 page electronic file (PDF) of the advanced volume, which is called “Discovering a More Enlightened Worldview”. The price is $10 (US), but under this arrangement there is a potential for you to make money by giving me useful comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism. One important goal is improving this manuscript to the point where it can be accepted as an academic thesis by professors, and another important goal is writing an introductory volume for general audiences. Whether you have a background in philosophy or not, you will probably still be able to help me towards one of these two goals.

This is a very ambitious project and it will probably only be successful as a collaborative effort. If you would like to be a part of the Enlightened Worldview Project team, contact Brandon at brandon@enlightenedworldview.com and there might be an opportunity for you.


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