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Why I am not a Catholic nor Protestant Christian, Part 10: Jesus Our Lord and Savior


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Why I am not a Catholic nor Protestant Christian, Part 10: Jesus Our Lord and Savior

As I've mentioned several times in past postings, I was raised Catholic. The Catholic experience of religion is complex. There is much doctrine, much dogma, many traditions, many rituals. There are a few core beliefs that they try to break it down to and these are repeated often among practicing Catholics, as directed by the priests in mass or in one's personal prayers.

This is commonly done through the recitation of the Profession of Faith, which includes the line “We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God...For us men and for our salvation, he came down from heaven. By the power of the Holy Spirit, he was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man.” This creed has many other lines, but I want to focus on this right now because the belief that Jesus is supposed to be one's lord and savior is the thought to be the most important belief among many evangelical Christians.

Unlike Catholicism, the more recently conceived Christian variations that are considered part of the evangelical movement tend to simplify the beliefs one must have as much as possible. It is very common for evangelical Christians to believe that one only needs to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior in order to achieve salvation. At which point, one is said to be “saved” or “born again”.

Now, lets look at what this means. A lord is someone who leads. One who commands and guides. A savior is one who saves another from something bad. Something undesirable is going to happen and the savior comes and prevents this from happening to the other, thus saving them from the undesirable fate. If someone believes that Jesus is their personal lord and savior, this means that they believe that a guy who has been dead for nearly 2000 years is leading and commanding their life. They believe that this guy, of whom we know very little aside from some unreliable writings from many centuries ago, actually has saved them from some undesirable fate.

How is Jesus their lord? I suppose they try to follow what he supposedly said as written in the Bible. There is not actually that much there so it is pretty hard for this dead guy to really be one's “lord”. What bad fate had Jesus truly saved anyone from? Hell apparently. I suppose that God made everyone with the intention of sending them into eternal torment unless they accept this “son” of his as their savior. Then they are “saved” from hell. Jesus is great ain't he? If we accept him he won't throw us into the fire pit.

I wrote last week about the irrationality of believing that Jesus was the Son of God. This really doesn't make much sense in the first place, in light of scientific and historical evidence. By far the most rational explanation is that Jesus was no more or less than any human being, if he indeed was a real person in the first place (I do believe he certainly lived). I wrote a few months ago about the irrationality of believing in the Bible just because one was told to. This is circular reasoning. And it is just as irrational to believe that Jesus has any kind of supernatural powers. He died centuries ago and the best thing one can do in their lives with regard to Jesus is to just let him go and to focus on understanding the world in a more rational way. It really does not make sense to think of any long dead person as one's “lord”. It is also a very bad belief to think that there is this eternal fire that God wants to throw you into unless you believe something. Since this version of hell almost certainly does not exist, there is nothing that one needs to be “saved” from except our own irrational and dangerous beliefs and of course the irrational and dangerous beliefs of other people.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Is Jesus the son of God? Let your voice be heard in the forum.
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