About Brandon Nørgaard

I’m a writer, researcher, and community organizer.  With some friends, I co-founded of The Enlightened Worldview Project (EWP) and I have contributed to several organizations in the areas of community development, sensemaking, educational reform, civic engagement, and mindfulness practice.  I am based in Northern California and I have a background in software engineering.  I came into the fields of sociology and philosophy because of deep interest and also because I had some ideas brewing in my mind for several years that I thought could be beneficial to the greater efforts at reforming society and addressing the meta-crisis.  My main areas of interest are integral theory, metamodernism, bildung, phenomenology, psychology, and social science.

My contributions and associations include:

Side note: I am now often spelling my last name with the letter ø because that is the way it should be written in the original Danish.  I am from the USA, but nonetheless, I figure that it is not necessary for everything in our lives to conform to a 26 letter alphabet and I want to encourage other people to follow suit, whether your name include accents or diacritical marks or other characters that don’t appear in the standard Latin-based alphabet, since this connects us to our cultural heritage and makes life a bit more interesting.