We all have things that we value in life. Many things have a certain value to us while having a different value to others. Some things, such as money, are supposed to have a fixed and universal value. Some things, such as a hammer, have value because of what they can do. Other things are thought to have intrinsic value, which means that these things have value based on what they are. For example, some have argued that things such as happiness, love, and life have intrinsic value. Things that do not have intrinsic value but can work to produce or preserve things that do have intrinsic value are said to have extrinsic or instrumental value.

For most of the things we value, even the things that we cherish, if we look closely we will see that these things do not have intrinsic value. A sentimental item that reminds one of a special time, such as a photograph or letter, does not have value because of what it is, but because of how it makes one feel. If you look at all of the things that you value, can you identify anything that does indeed have intrinsic value?

The concept of value is closely related to those of goodness/evil and morality.