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Hello and welcome to the new Enlightened Worldview Project website. This site launched 10 years ago and we are now rolling out a complete redesign. Thanks to Jay Anwer for giving this site a fresh new look. Also we updated the home page content to clarify how this project relates to the greatest challenges of our global society. There is still much to come with this site, including videos and podcasts. I, Brandon Norgaard, am taking the lead on writing the book “Seeking a More Enlightened Worldview, Volume 1”, although I am getting help from other part-time members of the project team. The other team members will be given public acknowledgements at the appropriate time in the future. We hope to publish Volume 1 in the first few months of 2020. Eventually we also plan on releasing additional volumes in the “Seeking a More Enlightened Worldview” series, and we figure there will probably be 3 volumes in total. This project is intended to be a collaborative effort, so if you believe in the mission that is explained on the home page, please contact me and there might be a way for you to contribute.

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