This project as a collaborative effort and as a multimedia public engagement

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There has been a lot going on recently with The Enlightened Worldview Project.  This project is a collaborative effort, which means that there are several people coming together to contribute to different aspects of it.  This project is a multimedia public engagement.  We have under development a book series, some videos, and a podcast series.  The book series is called “Seeking a More Enlightened Worldview” and we are targeting May 2020 for release of Volume 1.  We are also planning a 10 episode podcast series that we hope to release around the same time as the first book.  There are some explainer videos that are in the works as well.  We are also working on launching a crowdfunding campaign so that we can have the financial resources to accomplish our ambitious goals.  Thanks to Lee Chazen at GliderCell for developing some of the content.  We are also open to bringing new collaborators onto the project.  Contact Brandon if you have any suggestions:

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